Solace in Sisterhood

Part 01: Sista, Sista

Part 1 of Solace explores Sisterhood. These two Black women are my favorite sisters! Nigerian-American and close in age, their energies are intertwined: light radiates between the two sisters. As each other's support system, especially because they are far from home and double minorities at a PWI, both sisters look out for each other, sharing similar interests and aesthetics, trading make-up and modeling tips, and going out together. They are a powerful and iconic duo.

Part 02: Shanghai at Sunset

Solace is a project that looks into the relationships Brown and Black women form in spaces where they are the only ones. In the above series, the two had met in Shanghai, China. As minorities in their program and lab partners in their research group, they quickly became good friends even though they were only together for 6 weeks. The laughs were endless!

Part 03: Black Girls in Boston

These two young women were incoming freshman that attended a program for minorities in Engineering that I mentored. Being two of a handful of black girls in the program, they quickly gravitated towards each other. They have been inseparable ever since! Both feeding off of each other's aesthetic, studying together, partying together, venting together. It has been beautiful seeing their bond deepen and strengthen as their time in college progresses. I am always rooting for them.

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