wildest dreams (2019)

One day a friend told me to make an altar dedicated to my ancestors. I told her that my ancestors probably don’t like me because I’m Queer. Earlier this summer, I sent Dr. Moya Bailey (my mentor) my YouTube video about my non-binary journey where I say “my ancestors could’ve never imagined.” She said to me “you are more than your ancestor’s wildest dreams; you are the present!”

I don’t think we need permission from the ancestors to affect cultural change. In fact, I think we owe it to them to create a world that is more free, just, beautiful, and sustainable for us all. But in order for us to create this world, we have to imagine it first. And sometimes we have to let go of old cultural beliefs and form new ones. This piece is dedicated to my ancestors for watching over me & guiding me. 

Credits: Some footage was shot by Nathaniel Chiruyi  // Song: Ere Yon by Julie Coker

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